Creating Fantastic Ideas

  • 09:30am Coffee
  • Researching


    Research of the project topic.

  • 10:00am


    Brainstorm of the project topic, where a lot of ideas from the team are collected.

  • 12:00am


    Among many ideas, we select the most appropriate to form the concept of the project.

  • 14:00pm

    Scruming and Planing

    The objectives can be achieved only by planning.

  • 14:50pm

    Coffe break

  • 16:00pm

    Hard wokring

    Basic and important part - the realisation of the objectives.

  • 17:30pm

    Conclusions of the day

    Happy Customers is constantly improving with the help of this important stage of development.

  • 18:00pm


    We stop the working process, to return the following day full of fresh, creative ideas.


Any job can be compared to cooking meals for a particular recipe each of the ingredients should be carefully chosen and should be combined harmoniously with the rest of the ingredients.



Appearance is important, so design of the site plays quite a significant role. During the development of the site design, we think over the smallest details allowing us to find the optimal solution.


Creating program code is one of the most important parts of the project, because it is the base that helps the site function. Here we think how the dynamic would be a resource, what actions your site visitors will make, what forms they will fill.


The production quality of 3D assets and technical art solutions for games and entertainment projects are so important. It allows the user to have the visual pleasure of every project.


Hosting is the fundament of the new site. The degree of its reliability determines how often you and your users will face the instability of the site


Even if the site has been well developed and is user friendly, crammed with information, all above mentioned will be of no use if users do not know about it as a resource.


Even a well-planned and organized resource can have small and sometimes quite significant errors that must be corrected as soon as possible.